Description Edit

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The sword is the basic weapon of Graal. It will always appear on the hot bar above the glove anywhere PvP is allowed. It does not have a far range unlike the bow, and is used for sparring.

Types of Swords Edit

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Swing Sword

Note: all swords are the same, but have different visuals

Swing Swords Edit

Swing swords complete a full swing upon each strike

Stab Swords Edit

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Stab Sword

Stab swords have more of a "stabbing" action open each strike, however they do cover the exact same space a swing sword would.

Custom Swords Edit



Swords can only be customized by players who have purchased the Player Customization pack. They can be customized by a player saying "setsword [CODE]" aloud. The original sword each player starts with is sword1.png.

Sword Template Edit

Here is the template to create your own sword! Remember to upload it here


Sword template

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