Description Edit

Now before we begin your financial journey to becoming the next Bill Gates. I'd like to first go over the basics of currency on Graal Online Classic. A Gralat is the money of this game. The color of the Gralat, depicts the value and price of the Gralat. Here is the basic color scheme of Gralat value:

  • Green: 1-4 Gralats
  • Blue: 5-29 Gralats
  • Red: 30-99 Gralats 
  • Gold: 100-499 Gralats
  • Purple: 500-999 Gralats
  • Black: 1000-2499 Gralats
  • Teal: 2500-9999 Gralats
  • Rainbow: 10000+ Gralats

How to obtain GralatsEdit

Gralats are used to purchase things on Graal Online Classic such as bombs, arrows, hats, furniture, animations, morphs, VIP subscription and much more. Gralats can be earned a few ways such as:

In-app purchase:

 Probably the most easiest, common and quickest way to earn Gralats in the game. By using an in-app purchase, or Gralat packs as they are called, the amount of Gralats you paid for gets in your account immediately. Gralat packs are purchased using real currency from the real world and depending on the one you purchase determines the amount you will receive.


Another very common tactic used by those in need of money. Farming can be done within houses or in the open world on any bush or patch of grass. Within houses, you are able to lock your Gralats and prevent those from being stolen by simply double tapping on the Gralat you want to lock. Outside, Gralats cannot be locked and may be easily stolen by those around you. Open world farming is very dangerous and makes you a high risk target for thieves. While farming, you may use your bombs, sword or mounts to add value to the Gralat. The more effort and resources used on the Gralat, the higher the value and the color will get. Farming can be a long, tedious process but is best done in a house or guild house with trusted friends. If you have both a house and guild house, keep farms in both so you can farm on your own at your house and in groups in your guild house. Make farming arrangements regularly with friends to help boost Gralats values and make farming an easier task. Be warned; however, while farming in a house that is not your own you have no control over the Gralats inside. Therefore, your own house or guild house is the safest place to farm

Bug Catching:

Bug catching can be done by first receiving a bug net in MoD Town. Normally, bugs can be found anywhere in hot seasons and can be found in a variety of different places. In Swamp Town, the library contains a description and picture of each bug that can be found on Graal Online Classic and where they are most likely to appear. To catch bugs, you must have precision and make a swift catch in order to catch the bug. Once you have collected a satisfactory amount of bugs, head on over to the Swamp Town Witch Hut where you can sell your bugs. Every day, the Swamp Witch is looking for a specific bug and will pay a higher amount for it than she usually would. Use this to your advantage to learn which bugs you should sell on which day, while you collect other ones for later days. The best way to obtain the most Gralats from bug catching is to stock pile on each bug as much as you can before selling them on the day the witch needs them the most. 

Pyrat Bay Daily Quest:

A simple quest that can be done every 24 hours in York Town. What you must do is kill Pyrats that have a chance of dropping eye patches. Collect their eye patches until you have 75 of them so you may exchange them for 1000 Gralats. Once you have done that, you can no longer do it until the 24 hours. The best way to do this is to pick a time of day where you can conveniently use it only for Pyrat questing. It also helps if it is an hour when not many people are on to Pyrat quest. From here, complete the quest at the same time each day and by the end of the week you would have earned 7000 Gralats. The best way to Pyrat quest is to use your mount while in a crowd of Pyrats so that you can quickly and easily gain multiple eye patches at the same time.

Baddies and other Enemies:

Killing any hostile creature has a chance to drop a green or blue Gralat. There isn't much to go over other than that since it is the least effective way of earning money. However the best way to use this technique is to find an area where you can easily kill multiple enemies.

The key to earning lots of Gralats, is to save your Gralats. You never know when the news may update with something you have no money to purchase. During time periods when nothing of interest is for sale, a great thing to do is to start stocking up on Gralats. Always, always, always have Gralats ready for use. To your full extent, avoid buying items that are not limited to the season unless you have a substantial amount of Gralats way over the price you need. An easy way to go bankrupt fast is to use them for one thing, buy it then have nothing left after. You should always have at least a minimum of 25k Gralats on you at all times. By doing this, you will always be prepared for a random update or a planned time period where you know you may want to buy something. Spend wisely my friends. Other than that, I have nothing else to offer you than the best of luck with your fortune. Hope this guide helped!