FireFighter Jeffery
General Info
Started GOC Late 2012
Gender Male
Guild Graal Fire Department
Location Unknown
Birthday June 13th, 1997

Player Edit

FireFighter Jeffery is a player that attends the needs of the players of Graal whenever there is a fire. He is renown for "cleaning" towers and other assortment of things. Jeffery is most notable for fighting the fires at Destiny.

Description Edit

FireFighter Jeffery wears the standard firefighter's coat, and a grayish blue helmet similar to the Firefighter's Helmet. Jeffery uses custom modified head of the Miner's who can be found on the cliffs that lead to Snow Town. During Holidays and such, the colors and his hat may change for the the day.

Trivia Edit

  • FireFighter Jeffery's Head was made by Lumen and Yogurt
  • The helmet Jeffery wears is actually a reskinned hat.
  • His name Jeffery, is actually a mistake, his name was supposed to be Jeffrey
  • For every action he does, he always ends it with a asterisk(*)
  • Jeffery also firefights on Era

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